Surroundings – Trekking and cycling

Costalunga Naturist Camp is a paradise for trekking and cycling: many excursions, all properly marked, can be found within 20 kms. distance from the camping. Most of the trekking paths are also suitable for kids and some are ideal for a picnic meal while enjoying the panorama.

Important for bikers: the camping is located in a hilly area, thus roads can be steep and some training may be necessary.

In the camping Reception we have maps, guides and tourist information so that you can find the best ideas to enjoy your holiday.

Some trekking paths are:

Sassello and Deiva forest path

5 km from the camping

A large trekking circle path that starts from Sassello and goes deep in the Beigua Park. Unspoiled nature only few steps from Sassello! This path can also be easily done by children. Difficulty: EASY.

“Alta Via dei Monti Liguri”

15 km from the camping

Translated as “high path of the Ligurian mountains”, it’s a trekking path 442 kms long that travels across the whole Liguria from Ventimiglia (west border) to Ceparana (border with Tuscany). The path is marked and is divided in 44 stages. The closest ones to the campsite are “Prà Riondo” and “Passo del Faiallo”, both in the Beigua Park and only 20 kms. from the coast. From Prà Riondo (stage number 20) it is possible to make beautiful excursions to Mount Beigua and Mount Rama, with an astonishing view up to the sea from a natural terrace more than 1.000 meters high! Difficulty: EASY;

“Passo del Faiallo” and “Forte Geremia”

18 km from the camping

It corresponds to the stage number 21 of the “Alta Via dei Monti Liguri” and it is also easily reachable by car. It is famous for the beautiful panorama on both mountains and sea. When the sky is clear many tourists come in Passo del Faiallo to take pictures of the coast, Genova and, in exceptionally clear days, Corsica. The place is also ideal for a picnic with the whole family and it is also possible to visit the nearby “Forte Geremia”. Difficulty: EASY;

“Val Gargassa Canyons” trekking ring

20 km from the camping

It is a panoramic path that goes inside the canyon created by the Gargassa river and it is particularly charming due to the many little lakes and natural waterfalls created by the river. It also possible to bathe in the river. One of the best paths of the Park! Difficulty: MEDIUM/DIFFICULT.