Rules of conduct

The following rules are distributed at the arrival. Entrance in the camping involves their complete acceptance by the guests.

Silence: 1:00 PM – 03:00 PM and 11:30 PM – 07:00 AM
Bar: 09:30 AM – 01:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Reception and tourist information: 09:30 AM – 02:00 PM and 03:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Bread collection (on main terrace): 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM

  • The camping is open from April 15th to September 30th;
  • Before entering the camping all Guests must enroll at the reception by presenting a valid passport or equivalent;
  • Visits from external visitors must be agreed beforehand with management;
  • Pitches can be chosen by Guests upon arrival and in accordance with indications given by management;
  • No more than one crew is allowed on a single pitch;
  • During the holiday it is only allowed to change pitch after an explicit authorization given by management;
  • Campers, caravans, tent trailers and tents must be placed inside the assigned pitch and according with the indications eventually given by management: it is always forbidden to mark or define pitches with fences or trenches both inside or on the border of the pitch;
  • All guests MUST park their car or motorbike in the proper parking area, located in front of the reception;
  • It is only allowed to reach the pitches by car for loading/unloading purposes and for mounting/dismounting of tents and only in the “silence” hours. Inside the camping the speed limit for motor vehicles is 5 kmh.
  • Departures must be completed within 11:00. If departures are further delayed a full day tariff might be charged;
  • Payment of camping rates must be done the DAY BEFORE departure;
  • Children (up to the age of 7) must be accompanied by adults when using camping facilities (including games) and toilets;
  • Animals must be registered upon arrival at the reception and should be kept on a leash at all times inside the camping. The owners of dogs must look after their animals and make sure that no inconvenience is caused to other guests. Dogs must be brought outside the camping for their needs. The owners are responsible for damages caused by their pets;
  • At all times activities, games, and use of devices which might bring disturbance to other Guests are forbidden. In particular, among 13:00 and 15:00 of the afternoon and among 23:30 and 7:00 of the night silence must be observed During silence hours it is forbidden the use of motor vehicles in the camping ;
  • Inside the camping it is forbidden to light OPEN FIRES;
  • It is allowed the use, with CAUTION, of gas and electric burners. IT IS NOT ALLOWED THE USE OF BARBEQUES EXCEPT FOR THE COMMON ONE.
  • During the holiday and at departure pitches and mobile-homes must be left respectably clean and tidy;
  • Respect nature! It is strictly prohibited to cut trees, branches and flowers and to pollute water;
  • Water and waste disposal by caravans and campers must be done in the proper toilet;
  • Lost objects must be given to management in order for them to be returned to their owners;
  • Management is not responsible for damages caused by other guests, natural disaster, insects or other causes not imputable to negligence by camping staff, falling of trees and branches;
  • In case of absence from the camping ground for more than 48 hours, electricity connection, if present, must be disconnected;
  • At any time, in case of improper behavior or lack of compliance of camping rules, management can expel the perpetrators.

Naturism – Rules

  • This is a naturist camping: please respect nudity!
  • The practice of nudism is required/encouraged for anyone, when weather and practicality allows it;
  • It is obligatory the use of towels for seating on camping’s common seats;
  • Respect toward others and toward healthy naturist principles is expected. In the camping we promote a family oriented naturist environment;
  • It is forbidden the use of cameras of any kind inside camping grounds. Exceptions can be made by management.