An UTAV service which is not responding implies that your AV product is experiencing an issue. This could be caused by an incorrect setup of the AV service or perhaps by a destroyed Windows info file. When you encounter this matter on your computer, it is necessary to contact Avast customer support meant for assistance. They will be capable to diagnose the reason and provide you with a solution.

The mistake may also be due to an incorrect setup of your antivirus support. In some cases, this condition is brought on by corrupt key files or perhaps incompatible third-party applications. In such instances, restarting your AV service can fix the problem. Otherwise, you can try calling the antivirus support crew.

Another issue that may trigger an AV service to fail to launch is the misconfiguration of the Remote Desktop Expertise. If you are using a remote desktop, you can try to totally reset the Distant Desktop Services. You can also arranged the service to run quickly. Yet , if you are using a desktop computer, you could be unable to get the UI.

If this does not solve the situation, try restarting your computer. In the event the error continues, contact Avast customer support for assistance. They will be able to diagnose the situation and offer an alternative. They might even be capable of recommend an upgrade or possibly a new antivirus program.