If you’re looking to increase your chances of divorce, there are some relationship habits that you may be practicing without even realizing it. These habits may cause your relationship to end in divorce, but they aren’t the only factors that increase your divorce risk. These habits can be detrimental to any type of relationship but are especially harmful to those with children. These are 10 relationship mistakes that can lead to a divorce.

Constant criticism and contempt are both bad for a marriage. Research has shown that both partners need to be healthy for a relationship to be successful. In addition, it’s critical to spend time with your spouse every day. Not spending 15 minutes a day together can lead to further separation and eventual divorce. It also pr.mo.gov has been shown that couples who are younger are more likely to divorce.

Smoking is one of the worst habits for marriage. Studies show that couples who smoke with one visit site other partner are 76 to 95 percent more likely than those who do not. Women who smoke are nearly twice as likely to divorce than their partners. Both partners smoking has a detrimental effect on their marriage. The risk of divorcing is 20 Best Online Therapy Platforms percent higher when you drink alcohol. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of divorce by 20 percent per liter of alcohol consumed. An average American consumes 9.4 Liters of alcohol per year.

Keeping secrets between spouses is another common mistake that couples make. One study found that couples with similar drinking habits are more likely to stay together. In contrast, couples with one heavy drinker are nearly 60 percent more likely to divorce. Couples with one heavy drinker were more likely to have mental disorders in their marriages. Major depression, addictions, and PTSD were the most common mental disorders related to higher divorce rates.