I reassured the seller with the promise of a review with dismemberment, which I actually do. Opening a dispute, photo video and https://jiji.ng/kaduna a quick full refund. The inscription “USB rechargeable lithium battery” and a caring microUSB pointer with an arrow in the direction of the bottom hint at the unusualness. The seller simply throws the batteries into an ordinary bag of bubble wrap, and with chaotic kicks movements at the post office, the open terminals of different batteries can short circuit with each other.

Li-ion battery Palo format 6F22 "Krona" with a capacity of 650 * mAh (with dismemberment)

At the end of the charge, the voltage at the terminals is 8.5v, when turned off, it drops to 8.4v. https://tonaton.ng/s_25-tulle
Even the cheapest salt batteries have a film. The quick-witted reader has already realized that we were short of voltage and something is wrong here. I remove the film, pick it up and open the lid, two current-carrying bars are visible inside. On the top side, everything is expected, below is the same recharging socket. While you are making tea, you can read about the younger brother Ni-MH Palo 6F22 9V 300mah UPD By popular demand, I figured out the protection of the cells, painted the diagram and added a high-resolution photo. I’m pulling out the giblets.
And as it turned out – not good at all. The review is actually spontaneous, the seller sent these batteries instead of the usual lithium 14500 (AA) format for installation in a people’s nosoder for a dollar.
Batteries do not have individual packaging or at least stickers on the terminals – this is not good. Let’s look further: it looks like an ordinary "Krona", the case is made of white thin plastic, weight is 28 grams (kosher Varta weighs 45g.). Inside is a package of two lithium cells and a charge/protection board. Charging is impossible without the nasty blue LED 🙂 In the process of charging, https://tonaton.co.ke/s_165-slabs an indication of the process is visible through a specially trained hole. Suspicions crept in even at the moment the package was handed over to the SDEK office: it was too square and practical inside.