When connecting the grinder to an adjustable power supply (30 V 10 A), we see that the current consumption under load is 7-9 A:
For a long time, they give off about 4 A at 5 Ohm https://jiji.ug/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s5-32gb : Tool assembly: The power button in silicone protection, the second button sequentially switches three speeds.
This tool is quite convenient and easy to use. First, let’s see what’s inside the batteries. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Sandpaper: 150 Revolutions: 8000/10000/12000 rpm The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Voltage: 18V Specifications Enjoy the shopping! Internal device The plastic body of two colors, and black rubberized. Operation
It is not difficult to disassemble them, the case is fastened with 4 screws with a torx slot.
On wood: This model has a 125mm Velcro sole for quick tool changes. Traditionally, let’s start the review with the declared characteristics of the product. With the function of speed control and dust extraction, you can do a good amount of work on wood and metal, where it is not possible to use a power tool. The dust bag keeps its shape thanks to the spring placed inside. As you might guess, inside is an assembly of five series-connected 18650 batteries:

One battery is enough for about 20 minutes of work.
Brushless motor, bearings with a protective ring.
Name of the cells and charging board: Appearance Conclusion

Cordless orbital sander Drillpro I27225 125 mm

The body of the grinder does not have an additional handle, the grip of the tool is provided only from above. Only the regulator is visible in a metal housing filled with compound: Thank you for your attention. Model: I27225 On metal with a complete "sandpaper":
There is little interesting inside the grinder itself. There is a margin for a higher current battery. Disk size: 125mm Charging about two hours. Product name: portable grinder The stroke of the eccentric is about 5 mm. Native batteries are not very powerful, but this uses the common "Makita" 18 V format.