The parcel was not tracked at all and its journey lasted about a month and here is the illumination He is a microscope for checking money.

Ground brewed coffee after the coffee machine, still raw The wife says she knows what it is, but she doesn’t say, let’s try to guess together?
Waffle towel

A miniature microscope for a mobile camera.
A lacquered brown table
Knife Hello everyone! Today is a review of an awesome thing that makes me, an adult uncle, stick with it.
backlight) powered by 3 x LR1130 batteries Well, that’s all, let’s reconsider what photos are obtained using the Sharp Aquos S2 and the subject Many more photos under the spoiler
On the sides of the lens, the foam rubber is even indented with a permanently pressed clip,
on the back of the lens it is protected by a transparent plastic protrusion, and it is also written that this is a money detector microscope with a magnification of 60 x
Ice from the freezer
Painted patterns on a matryoshka with a brush
The clip is tight enough to hold a smartphone
a small branch of a Christmas tree
what kind of wood is the surface of the hot pad
This is especially convenient when aiming Very curious to get interesting photos. I don’t remember what I took a picture of
small gap between two rigid boards
Brush for bottles On the side, the modes are just indicated. The microscope came to me in a regular postal package.
Unknown bullshit. On an illuminated barrel, we will see a designation on the lid for precise switching of modes Inside the postal package is a cloth case
OSB board
Cut of the box And besides, ultraviolet illumination allows you to examine bills for fakes.
Embossed toilet paper
There are only 2 modes: just LED illumination, as well as UV LED illumination
Sponge for dishes
Points of contact with the smartphone are protected by foam stickers Cracker Let’s take a look, what kind of photos can be obtained with the help of such a baby? many photos The microscope consists of a clip, a lens and a light